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All Permits and agency notifications regarding drilling operations are the client's responsibility. JET Drilling, Inc. can assist client and/or property owner in obtaining permits for an additional fee.


Hazardous Site Work

All associated costs for physicals, special training, protective clothing and decontamination will be invoiced to the client, at an agreed upon rate. All equipment used at a hazardous waste site will be deconned, at the hourly rig rental rate, before leaving the site. The client assumes full responsibility for hazardous exposure to the crew and replacement of any equipment rendered unusable by exposure to hazardous materials.



A certificate of insurance can be provided upon request. The client can be provided a certificate listing them or their client, as additionally insured for no additional charge. Bonding and other forms of insurance, above and beyond the standard liability, auto and workman's compensation insurance, can be provided at additional costs, at an agreed upon rate.


Underground Utilities

Due to the existing Contractors State License Board Enforcement Business and Professions Code Section 7110 and Government Code 4216, the following must be included in all contracts for our services. JET Drilling, Inc. can assist in the effort to locate utilities for an additional charge, at an agreed upon rate. " It is the client's responsibility to determine drilling location, purpose, requirements and all hazards on the premises. Client is to locate all utilities, tanks or other non-apparent hazards and advise JET Drilling, Inc. of location and nature of same. Client shall indemnify and hold JET Drilling, Inc. harmless from any and all claims, damages or injuries, of any nature, resulting from the client‘s failure to comply with the terms of this estimate. JET Drilling, Inc. shall not be responsible, in any event, for any damages or destruction of utilities or structures, which shall include but not limited to water, gas, petroleum pipelines, cable, power conduits, tanks or drainage systems.


Minimum Charge

A four-hour minimum charge will be invoiced for any project, except a partial day that follows a previously charged eight-hour day. NO EXCEPTIONS. A cancellation fee of $500.00 applies to any project cancelled after 12:00 noon, the preceding day of the scheduled project start date.



Hourly rates will be invoiced for delays beyond the control of JET Drilling, Inc. The rate can be negotiated prior to mobilization to the project location.



Overtime, night & weekend work will be charged at a rate agreed upon prior to mobilization.


* Projects that require drills with commercial drivers are subject to the DMV Title 13 laws which mandate that no employee can work and drive a total of not more than 12 hours a day or be subject to penalty of law.


** Labor law mandates that mandatory overtime is in violation of the code. Additional crews can be rotated to meet any scheduling requirement.



Projects located greater than 2 hours travel from JET Drilling, Inc. office, will be invoiced at a rate agreed upon prior to mobilization.



All accounts are due and payable on receipt of invoice. California law requires a 30–day grace period from date of invoice. All accounts not paid within 30 days are subject to a late charge of 1½% interest per month, until the balance is paid in full, as allowed by applicable California Law. In the event of legal action for enforcement of the aforementioned terms or collection for services rendered, the client will incur and be invoiced for, all reasonable costs in the pursuit of such an action.


Final Note

The terms and conditions and fee schedules take precedence over other signed contracts or purchase orders, unless exceptions to these documents have been noted and agreed to by both parties. All terms and pricing are negotiable on a per project basis.

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